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24 Jun MacLeod and MacLeod ‘Original’ Stornoway Black Pudding
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Stornoway Black Pudding  The Award-Winning Stornoway Black Pudding 1.3kg "MacLeod and MacLeod ‘Original’ Stornoway Black Pudding maintains the subtle ..
23 Jun The Perfect Trio of Desserts for Burns Night Celebrations
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Burns Night celebrated on the 25th of January, is a cherished Scottish tradition honoring the life and poetry of Scotland's national bard, Robert Burn..
21 Jun Exploring the Rich Heritage of Scottish Cheese
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Exploring the Rich Heritage of Scottish Cheese: A Gastronomic Adventure Introduction Scotland, a land renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and vib..
25 Jan What is Macsweens Haggis
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MacSween haggis is a traditional Scottish dish made from a mix of minced sheep offal, oatmeal, onions and spices. It is eaten throughout the year howe..
10 Jan How To Celebrate a Burns Supper
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How Did the Burns Supper Start? The first Burns Supper was held in 1801 in Burns Cottage, Alloway, which you can visit at Robert Burns Birthplace Muse..
05 Jan Who Was Robert Burns
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In the realm of literature, few names resonate as deeply with Scottish pride and poetic genius as that of Robert Burns. Born on January 25, 1759, in A..
28 Dec Organising a Spectacular Scottish Ceilidh for Your Burns Supper: A Complete Guide to Planning and Song Selection
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Introduction:Scotland's rich cultural heritage is celebrated worldwide, and there's no better way to pay homage to the country's beloved poet, Robert ..
24 Dec The Selkirk Grace
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The grace goes:Some hae meat an canna eat,And some wad eat that want it;But we hae meat, and we can eat,And sae the Lord be thankit.The modern English..
16 Dec Scottish Clootie Dumpling: A Traditional Delight for Burns Supper
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When it comes to celebrating Burns Supper, a traditional Scottish feast in honour of poet Robert Burns, no dessert captures the essence of Scottish cu..
10 Feb Grants Tinned Haggis
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Grant’s Foods are proud to have been producing Scotland’s most loved Haggis for over 100 years. Grants Premium Haggis is loved by customers around the..
25 Jan How to Cook a Haggis
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How to Cook a Haggis Step-by-Step Cooking Instructions:The haggis is already cooked and just needs some careful re-heating until it is piping hot. It ..
20 Jan How Much Haggis Per Person
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How much haggis do I need for my function?We are asked regularly by customers how much haggis, neeps, etc you need for a Burns Supper so we thought th..
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