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Stornoway Black Pudding

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Stornoway Black Pudding 

Stornoway black pudding is made exclusively in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis, it has an important place in Scottish culinary tradition. Its high quality and excellent flavour have been celebrated, but not everyone knows the whole story. To help you understand the history and importance of Stornoway black pudding, we have compiled a list of facts which may surprise you.

It was under threat by 'impostors'

In 2009, the Stornoway black pudding was under threat. Black puddings labelled as “Stornoway” were being made outside of the Western Isles, causing the authentic Isle of Lewis butchers to suffer.

At the time, more than 1,500 people signed a petition to stop the misuse of the Stornoway label.

It has been granted protected status

Campaigners finally saw success in May 2013, when Stornoway Black Pudding was granted protected status by the European Union. It was granted a PGI (or Protected Geographical Indicator of Origin), meaning that producers outside of Stornoway could no longer use the “Stornoway” label.

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