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The Cheese


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Ploughman cheese Isle of Kintyre

The Isle of Kintyre, Lazy Ploughman cheese combines superior cheddar with homemade caramelised onion..


Applesmoke Cheddar

The Award-Winning Isle of Kintyre Applesmoke cheddar cheese is one of our most popular products. Thi..


Auld Lochnagar Cheddar

Auld Lochnagar is named after a famous local landmark around Royal Deeside and the Cairngorms where ..


Auld Reekie Farmhouse Cheese

Auld Reekie was created by Alex Reid on his farm in Cambus O'May - a delightful area of lochans, bri..


Ben Gunn Cheese Isle of Kintyre

The Isle of Kintyre, Ben Gunn cheese offers cheese lovers a classic flavour combination. In Robert L..


Black Crowdie

A cream cheese hand-rolled in Scottish pinhead oatmeal and crushed black peppercornsBelieved to be f..


Blue Murder 630g

Previously named after a New Order song, Blue Monday cheese is now Blue Murder cheese. Made in Tain ..



100g CABOCSaid to be Scotland’s 'oldest cheese, Caboc is a rich double cream cheese, which is allowe..


Cambus O'May Cheddar

As the name suggests, this cheese was created by Alex Reid on his farm in Cambus O'May - a delightfu..


Captain’s Claret Isle of Kintyre

The Isle of Kintyre, Captain’s Claret cheese is a visually distinctive Scottish cheddar. Veined with..


Chilli & Tomato Cheese

A personal favourite round here, combines Cayenne Heat with Mellow Sun-dried Tomatoes..


Clava Organic Brie - Connage

This smooth pasteurised delicately flavoured brie is delicious and with no added cream. As it ripens..


Connage Smoked Dunlop

Smoked Dunlop, is a delicious dimension of our Dunlop Scottish Cheddar cheese and traditionally smok..


Cromal Organic - Connage

Cromal is a light crumbly pasteurised cheese with a moist open texture and a delightfully fresh lemo..


Dunlop Organic - Connage

Dunlop is an unpasteurized Scottish hard cheese, which is traditionally cloth bound and allowed to m..


Glen Scotia 15YR Old Mature Cheddar 200g

Glen Scotia 15 whisky cheese combines our superior cheddar with Glen Scotia 15-Year-Old single malt,..


Gouda Connage

This Connage Gouda is a pasteurized waxed cheese, which ranges from sweet and mild maturing to a fir..


Highland Chief Whisky Isle of Kintyre

The Isle of Kintyre, Highland Chief whisky cheese is a whisky lover’s delight. Blended with Brandy a..


Highland Fine Cheeses Brie Cheese 250g

A Soft, Creamy Brie from the Stone Family of TainMade with pasteurised UK cows' milk..


Highland Fine Cheeses Skinny Crowdie Soft Cheese 140g

Skinny Crowdie Soft CheeseSeeking the crowdieHighland fine cheeses Scotland - made in TainSuitable f..