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Arran Caramelised Red Onion Chutney

Red onions, sugar and spice…try on a pizza, a toastie or with salad. 195g..


Arran Tomato and Red Pepper Chutney

A rich red chutney with Tomato, apple, onion, red pepper and mustard seeds. Try in sandwiches, meats..


Original Sweet Balsamic Dressing

Sweet and sharp, rich and mellow…This delicious dressing is sweet yet sharp, opening up to a beautif..


Rabbie's Haggis Sauce

Uncle Roy approached this challenge with vigor... Fed up with rich creamy sauces being used as a Hag..


Whisky Sweet Balsamic Dressing

Mellow, smooth and subtle…A blending of tastes, a blending of cultures.  A good nip of whisky i..