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Model: Baxters Cock a Leekie Soup
Baxters Cock a Leekie Soup The finest leeks, succulent chicken, juicy carrots and flavoursome onions - that's what make our Cock-a-Leekie soup the very best.  Tuck in to discover why this traditional Scottish soup is still loved by so many."Cock-a-leekie soup is a Scottish soup dish c..
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Model: Baxters Cullen Skink Cream of Smoked Haddock Soup
400g tin.Based on a treasured old village recipe from Cullen ten miles from our home we remain loyal to our roots by ensuring that all the ingredients are sourced from the best local suppliers. The finest smoked haddock is specially selected from a traditional smokehouse and combined with potatoes, ..
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Model: Baxters Highlanders Broth
400g tin.Beef and Mutton Soup with BarleyHighlanders Broth"Passed down through the generations, this is a true family favourite. It's packed with tender beef and mutton, stacks of veg and handfuls of pearl barley with a splash of water from the local River Spey."Audrey Baxter..
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Model: Lobster Bisque Soup with Brandy and Fresh Double Cream
Lobster Bisque Soup with Brandy and Fresh Double CreamWe love the smooth sophistication of this creamy soup. A delicate mix of Atlantic lobster and scampi combine to give it delicious seafood richness. We add fresh Scottish double cream, lemon juice and, for an extra rich flavour, finish off with a ..
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Model: Baxters Royal Game Soup
"I'll never forget the story about my grandmother Ethel, making this soup in her kitchen. It's the very first recipe she created & what a soup to start on! Delicious venison & pheasant in a rich stock make it a soup of distinction. A crisp Autumn day is the only accompaniment you need!"Audre..
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Model: Baxters Scotch Broth
Another Baxter family favourite - this traditional Scottish soup combines pieces of tender chicken and a mouth-watering stock with a selection of the very best leeks, carrots, onions and rice. A delicious taste of Scotland in a can.400g tin...
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