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Auld Lochnagar Cheddar

Auld Lochnagar Cheddar
Auld Lochnagar Cheddar
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    Auld Lochnagar is named after a famous local landmark around Royal Deeside and the Cairngorms where the cheese is made. Auld Lochnagar is an age-old family recipe almost as old as the mountain itself. The recipe has been handed down over generations 

    The ancient art of cheese-making was as much about maturing as it was about the process. Auld Lochnagar is a perfect example of this as it gently matures for up to 12 months allowing the full depth of flavour to develop. Maturing cheese in the farmhouse was a bit of a dark art. 

    The Cheese was kept in cold damp rooms and turned regularly

    Auld Lochnagar 200G

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