18 Slice Square Sausage 1.7kg

18 Slice Square Sausage 1.7kg

Square Sausage, also known as The Lorne or slice sausage, is a traditional Scottish sausage, usually made from minced meat, rusk and spices. It is commonplace in traditional Scottish breakfasts.



It is thought that the sausage is named after the region of Lorne in Argyll advertisements for 'Lorne Sausage' have been found in newspapers as early as 1896. This was long before comedian Tommy Lorne, after whom the sausage has been said to be named, became well-known.


The exact origins of the Lorne sausage remain unclear. It is often eaten in the Scottish variant of the full breakfast or in a breakfast roll. The sausage is also an appropriate size to make a sandwich using one or two slices from a plain loaf of bread



18 Slices 

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