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Macsween Ceremonial Haggis 1.8kg

Macsween Ceremonial Haggis 1.8kg
Product Code: MacSween
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Chieftain/Ceremonial haggis which serves 8. Our bestseller.

The 1.8kg Macsween haggis is the most popular haggis for ceremonial purposes. It is smaller then the 3.6kg haggis and is much easier to cook as it does not take up some much space in an oven.

Macsween haggis is a delicious mix of lamb, beef, oatmeal, onions, pepper and spices, drawing on the rich history of the dish as a food for the scots. So even today's consumer can benefit from this hearty dish without blasting through their recommended daily allowance. Find out how much haggis you need to order for your Burns Supper or celebration and our instructions on how to cook a haggis.   

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