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How much haggis?

We are asked regularly by customers how much haggis, neeps etc you need for a Burns Supper so we thought the information below would be helpful.

For a starter allow 100g of haggis per person, for a main course allow 200g of haggis per person. It is always cheaper to order a ceremonial haggis and the balance in our range of catering sticks as a ceremonial haggis takes longer to cook and you need a bigger pot!
Neeps (turnip)
For a starter allow 30g per person
For a main course allow 60g per person
Cock a Leekie Soup
One of our 415g tins of Baxters cock a leekie serves 2 people
Clootie Dumpling
One of our 454g Stahlys clootie dumpling, serves 3 people
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